What Is Global Warmingگلوبل وارمنگ

What is Global Warming in Urdu Global Warming Detail in Urdu

Did you know, in the recorded history, the average temperature of the earth’s climate system has been rising at the fastest pace over the past 50 years? Owing to this rise in temperature, the average sea level has risen around seven inches in the course of the past century.

Here you will learn about what is global warming in Urdu and English.

What is Global Warming Definition:

How will you define global warming? Here is a comprehensive definition. Alternatively known as climate change, global warming can be defined as the observed century-scale increase in the average temperature of the global climate system and the effects caused by such a rise.

What Causes Rise in Atmospheric Temperature:

Global warming occurs due to the accumulation of air pollutants and greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons, ozone, nitrous oxide and water vapors, in the earth’s atmosphere. Such elements absorb the solar radiations that have bounced off the surface of earth and prevent them from escaping into the space. In other words, the greenhouse gases and pollutants remain in the atmosphere for years to centuries and trap the heat radiations which causes the planet earth to get warmer and harsher. You can also read detail of global warming causes here.

Global Warming Vs Extreme Weather:

The scientists observe a close link between global warming and extreme weather conditions. According to them, the rising global temperatures lead to hotter and longer heat waves, more frequent droughts, more powerful hurricanes and heavier rainfall.

As the temperature of oceans on earth is rising, the tropical storms are able to pick up more energy. It indicates that global warming has the potential to turn a category 3 storm into a more powerful and devastating category 4 storm.

Other effects of global warming are: early snowmelt, dramatic water shortages, increased flooding, outbreak of infectious diseases and extinction of many animal and plant species due to disruption in their habitats. Here you can also learn about what is global warming in Urdu.

Global Warming Alarming Facts:

  • According to Nasa’s findings, 17 of the 18 warmest years in the recorded history have occurred since 2001!
  • The global temperature has increased by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880.
  • Did you know the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmospheric air are at their highest in the 650,000 years?
  • In 2012, the summer sea ice of the Arctic Ocean shrank to the lowest degree in the recorded history.
  • Data collected through satellites show that the polar ice sheets on the earth are losing mass.
  • Did you know owing to global warming, the sea level rises 3.2 millimeters per year on average?
  • The monthly analysis of global temperatures, carried out by the NASA scientists, reveals that June 2018 was the third warmest June in 138 years of modern record-keeping.
  • Around 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide are produced from the burning of fossil fuels in the United States every year. It is considered as the largest source of heat-trapping pollution in the country.
  • The extreme heat waves, resulting from global warming, have claimed the lives of tens of thousands of individuals in the world in recent years.
  • Did you know Antarctica has been losing around 134 billion metric tons of ice every year since 2002?