Shadi ki Dua in Quran for Girls and Boys لڑکے اور لڑکیوں کی شادی کیلئے دُعا

Shadi ki Dua in Quran for Girls and Boys
Shadi ki Dua in Quran

In the world lacking in spirituality and marred by quarrels, laziness, misunderstandings and disharmony, the choice of suitable life partners seems to be an unrealizable dream for many. The materialistic approach to happiness and success in life has further deteriorated the situation. In fact, wealth is given preference over the character of an individual. The same is true on the part of the parents of both the girls and boys.

While looking for Shadi Ki Dua in Quran for girls and boys, you need to mend your ways and change your philosophy of life. The spouse for your daughter or son should be the one who is hardworking and has got a good character.

Verse 49 of Surah Al-Dhariyat can be recited as a Shadi Ki Dua in Quran for girls and boys. The English translation of the verse is: “And of everything We created two mates so that you may remember (Allah and take lessons)”. Meanwhile, you can also read verse 54 of Surah Al-Furqan which means “And it is He who created from water a human being and made him (a relative by) lineage and marriage”.

It will be better if you read the Dua after every prayer. In Sha Allah, after the regular rehearsal of this dua, you will get proposals of suitable individuals for your children.