Dua For Fever بُخار سے فوری نجات کیلئے دُعا

Dua For Fever in Babies - Bukhar ki Dua in Urdu

Fever is an illness which usually refers to rise in temperature above the normal 98 degrees Fahrenheit. It would be interesting to note that mostly the fever is beneficial as it helps your body kill germs and fight off infections.

But what if the fever goes bad and the body temperature reaches 105 F or even beyond? Such a high fever may put the life of the patient at risk. So, never ignore even a mild ailment as it may lead to complications.

The fever can be of several different types. It may be continuous fever (associated with pneumonia or urinary tract infection), intermittent fever (arising from malaria or septicaemia), remittent fever, hyperthermia and hyperpyrexia.

The first step to the treatment of fever is to recite Dua for fever or a Masnoon Dua for fever in Quran and Hadith. Meanwhile, you can also recite a complete Surah from the Noble Quran as Dua for fever as recommended by the religious scholars.

For example, the individual suffering from fever may recite Surah al-Fateha (the first Surah of the Holy Quran) 70 times. In case the patient is unable to do it themselves, any other person can recite this Surah while keeping the mouth nearest to the forehead of the sufferer. It is the sure cure of every type pain and ailment except death.

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