Dua For Fever and Body Pain بُخار اور جسم کا درد دُور کرنے کی دُعا

Dua For Fever and Body Pain

Dua For Fever and Body Pain in English

Allah’s last Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) advised that you should call upon Allah alone for the provision of all your needs, so much so that even if your shoe-lace is broken, you should pray to Allah for the provision of a shoe-lace, and if you need salt, you should beseech Allah to send it to you. (Tirmidhi)

When you are suffering from fever or body pain, it’s time to call upon Allah Almighty for help. One of the Dua for fever and body pain is “Wa Iza Marizto Fahowa Yashfeen” which means “When I get ill, it is He who heals me”. It is verse 80 of Surah Ash-Shu’araa in the Noble Quran.

Here it is important to make one thing clear that reciting Dua for fever and body pain doesn’t mean that you should not go for medication. Dua and treatment should go side by side. In this way, Allah Almighty will add Shifa to the medicine you are using.

If Dua for fever and body pain does not bring fruit immediately, there must be some logic in it which you may not know. The second thing is that Allah’s response may be slow but it’s ‘sure’ and guaranteed. So, a delay in healing must be in your own best interest.