Acha Rishta Aane Ki Dua اچھا رشتہ آنے کی دُعا

Acha Rishta Aane Ki Dua in Quran

Though Islam permits both the men and the women to choose their spouse and send the marriage proposal, the traditional setup of some countries and communities does not allow for such a practice. It is considered inappropriate for a woman to send a marriage proposal to the man of her choice. Nevertheless, a boy is also discouraged to convey his message directly to a girl. The proposal should be sent through some elder in the family.

Every household with grown up daughters patiently awaits the proposals from individuals with desirable personal and character traits. As there is a relative increase in the number of girls, they have to sit and wait for years and years. Sometimes, the whole young age is passed without marrying.

The individuals reciting Acha Rishta Aane Ki Dua in Quran are lucky as they can get proposals of suitable individuals in a short time. The verse 74 of Surah Al-Furqan is a comprehensive Rishta Aane Ki Dua. It is translated as “Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us the leaders of the God-fearing.” With this prayer, you will not only meet a good spouse but also get pious offspring.