Berozgari Essay in Urduبے روزگاری ۔۔۔ایک سماجی برائی

Berozgari Essay in Urdu Unemployment in Pakistan Essay in Urdu Berozgari in Pakistan in Urdu Unemployment in Pakistan in Urdu

Unemployment or Berozgari Essay

While most people do a job to keep their body and soul together, there are very few who work only for pleasure. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the absence of employment transforms the person into meaningless existence. On the other hand, a suitable job provides the people with the opportunity to participate in society to improve their worth, social status, respect, and dignity. So, regarding their impacts on society, the terms unemployment and employment are poles apart from each other.

Unemployment is a state of being jobless despite having the natural potential, skill, expertise, and willingness to work. It can be defined as a situation where people of working age are unable to get an employment but would like to be in a full-time job.

Here it should be noted that a mother leaving work to bring up a child or someone quittinga job to go into higher education, should not be classed as employed. That is because they are not actively seeking a job.

What is meant by the term voluntary employment? When an individual chooses not to take a job at the given wage rate, they are considered as voluntary unemployed.

Unemployment is the mother of several social issues including corruption, dishonesty, and sin.

Joblessness is one of the major crises in Pakistan. Many people mostly the young population are facing this problem. Millions of people are out of job despite having the required skills and qualifications. Though a lot of planning is going on, it is not bringing fruitful results.

Almost all the professions have become overcrowded. Even a masters-degree holder with first class is unable to get any job in an office or school. The medical profession has lost its scope as the young doctors are unable to find a job in some hospital run by the government. The same situation prevails in the legal and engineering fields owing to the large influx of skilled individuals therein.

It is not only causing economic issues but also forcing the people to indulge in several unlawful, immoral and irreligious activities.

Sometimes, forced by debilitating economic circumstances, people take extreme steps like committing terrorist activities.Some individuals become suicide attackers only to earn a fortune for their loved ones.

There are several factors responsible for the alarming level of unemployment in Pakistan. The main causes of unemployment in the country include defective education system, lack of industries, over-urbanization, excessive use of labor-saving devices, rapid growth of population, lack of political stability, and so on.

At the same time, mega-scale corruption, mismanagement of available resources, formulation of ineffective policies and lack of skill and sincerity on the part of the people in power are also some of the major factors contributing to corruption in the country.

The possible solutions to unemployment are:

  • The provision of reasonable job opportunities to people in villages to curb over-urbanization.
  • Establishment of vocational and technical colleges.
  • Abolishment of gender indiscrimination.
  • Decreasing dependence on foreign aid or loan.
  • Revolutionizing the education system.
  • Taking practical steps for the betterment of the agricultural sector and making it more productive.
  • Introducing self-employment schemes.
  • Introducing a policy of early age retirement.
  • Controlling the rapid increase in population. (Pakistan is already the sixth largest country in the world by population.)

Other potential solutions to unemployment include industrial development, expansion of trade, sound economic planning, attracting more foreign investment and political stability, etc. As more industries are established, more jobs will be created, and more people will get employment. Meanwhile, the country direly needs a sincere leader with no foreign links who belongs only to Pakistan and works for the wellbeing and prosperity of their countrymen.